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We develop the future of electric propulsion, and more

Since our inception, we have decided to focus on making in-space propulsion systems more efficient by leveraging the power of High-Temperature Superconductors. However, our products range from thrusters, to disruptive re-entry systems, radiation shields, and power management tools.

Supreme 5kW

An efficient and powerful thrust for your satellites & cargos

  • Propellants: Argon, Hydrogen, Ammonia
  • Thrust Range (N): 0.09-0.3
  • Isp Range (s): 2000-8000
  • Thrust Efficiency: 65%
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An efficient and powerful thrust for your satellites & cargos

  • Propellants: Argon, Hydrogen, Ammonia
  • Thrust Range (N): 1.8-6
  • Isp Range (s): 2000-8000
  • Thrust Efficiency: 75%
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Michael Koenka

“In your career, you’ve seen a myriad of different propulsion systems come to fruition. Why is Neutron Star Systems’s solution so different and how is this important for where we’re going as a space-exploring species?”

Michael Winter

“Our thrusters will operate on alternative, low-cost propellants, such as Argon, Hydrogen and Ammonia (up to 1000X cheaper than Xenon – the status quo), leading to significant savings in mission costs, especially at higher powers. A key asset of our thrusters is that they can also be integrated in multi-mode, hybrid chemical/electric propulsion architectures.”


A powerful software at the service of our thrusters.

Mission 01


Autonomous Space Situational Awareness Capabilities

Hyperion is our technology for autonomous space and ground controlling. We enable spacecrafts and satellites to safely orbit, deorbit, and manoeuver, all while predicting and avoiding collisions.

Mission 02


Responsive cargo transfer to the Moon and beyond

NSS estimates that it can place payloads of 200kg+ from Parking Orbit at 20,000km of altitude into an L1 Halo Orbit via invariant stable manifolds within 46 days. Using the same approach we estimate we can put said payload in into Earth-Moon L2 butterfly orbit in 87 days.

Mission 03


Scalable spacecraft platforms for space-based secure communications

We leverage superconductors to make communication satellite constellations more secured, autonomous, agile and scalable across the different space domains.

Our Products

We leverage HTS for other promising technologies



MEESST is an active shielding solution which makes use of electromagnetic fields to shield the spacecraft, by deflecting the hot plasma, significantly reducing the heating, and enabling continued radio communication.


During atmospheric re-entry, the combination of high spacecraft velocity and the rapid compression of atmospheric particles by the spacecraft create hot plasma around the vehicle, which blocks radio communications and overheats the spacecraft.

Power Management

HTS Harness

High-Temperature Superconductors (HTS), on the other hand, can conduct 100x the amount of current compared to conventional materials, and generate no heat at all. As a result, the use of HTS can significantly reduce the mass and volume of PMAD systems, while maximising their efficiency.


The passage of electricity through Copper or Aluminium cabling causes heating, which reduces the efficiency of the transmission system, and necessitates the use of dedicated systems to get dissipate this heat.

Radiation Shield

Cosmic Radiation Protection

High-Temperature Superconductors (HTS) offer a superior solution, through active magnetic shielding. Using very lightweight and low-power coils, HTS can generate strong magnetic fields which block and deflect radiation in space.


As we travel further away from Earth the amount of radiation, originating from stars such as the sun, and from distant galaxies, increases drastically, which poses significant risks to both humans and technology.


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