Space Mobility As A Service (SMAAS)
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High-temperature Superconductor based thrusters, our SUPREME™ flagship, and other space tech.

At Neutron Star Systems, we bet on HTS superconductor-based propulsion systems, radiation shielding, atmosphere re-entry solutions, and power management hardware to lead the future of Space.

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Hyperion - the system built for unsurpassed space mobility
Maximizing Payload Capacity Cost and Performance of Space Missions

Mission savings for Small Satellite constellations


Mission savings per GEO Satellite


Mission savings for Cargo Transfers to the Moon


Mission savings for Cargo Transfers to the Mars


SUPREME™: Our High-Temperature Superconductor-based propulsion system

Our technology, the Superconductor-based Readiness Enhanced Magneto-plasma-dynamic Electric propulsion (SUPREME) will revolutionise in-space propulsion thanks to its innovative scalability, propellant flexibility, and manoeuverability.

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Manuel La Rosa Betancourt

"At NSS, we are convinced that High Temperature Superconductors are the future of in-space technologies. We aim to leverage this innovation to address multiple use cases spanning from propulsion and radiation shields to re-entry and power management."



SUPREME can produce a high thrust at high efficiencies, a combination unmatched by our competitors.


A single SUPREME thruster can be used for a wide range of missions with different thrust and efficiency requirements.

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SUPREME thrusters are truly scalable, ranging from 1kW engines for small satellite constellations to 1000kW for cargo missions to the Moon and Mars.

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Propellant Flexibility

SUPREME can operate on propellants like Argon, Hydrogen, Ammonia (up to 1000x cheaper than status quo), saving millions of euros per mission.

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We're building on over 60 years of research heritage in six nations, with well-understood physics and proven experimental operations.

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in-space operations

Mass and power are two of the most critical parameters when it comes to spacecraft. Every kilogram of mass must be optimised to minimise launch costs, while available power is typically limited by the capabilities of the spacecraft’s solar arrays.