It all starts here. 

Our team is our greatest asset. Neutron Star Systems has been built by a group of passionate people. Our shared past and common objective unite us in pursuing our common goal of enabling the next generation of spaceflight capabilities.


Let's meet the people turning SUPREME into a reality. 


Co-founder & CEO


Manuel boasts a successful engineering, business and marketing career in several multinational companies of over 15 years. In 2009 he founded his own innovation management company taking full-time commitment in 2014 after the completion of his masters’ in business innovation. He led the creation and seed funding of the SUPREME consortium. At NSS, Manuel oversees the operations of the company, leads the strategic planning, leads fundraising activities, and manages customer relationships.

Co-founder & CTO


Marcus is an aerospace engineer with a specialisation in spacecraft electric propulsion systems. He completed his masters’ degree in Spacecraft Engineering at the University of Southampton, where his project received the highest grade in the faculty and was shortlisted for the university’s design excellence award. Marcus moved to Germany in 2018 to work on spacecraft electric propulsion systems at Ariane Group, when he met Manuel and joined the SUPREME project. Seeing the potential of the project to have a significant impact on the future of spaceflight, he committed to cofounding and launching Neutron Star Systems. Marcus is responsible for technology related matters at NSS, where he supervises the technical team, leads the R&D strategy, and manages relationships with suppliers and technical partners.

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Scientific Advisor


David is a Chartered Engineer and BSc (Physics) Hons with over 40 years of industrial experience. A veteran of the British space industry, David had a leading role at QinetiQ in the development of the T5 ion engines used on ESA’s GOCE mission. David spent 12 years at the National Physical Laboratory in London, leading the Time, Security and Space Systems activities and working on space projects in the GNSS and miniature atomic clocks field. David provides a technical advisory role to NSS regarding design and engineering activities on the thruster assembly and integration, together with system engineering, High Temperature Superconducting magnet assembly, thermal engineering, and power electronics.

Operations Manager


Eudys is a qualified Industrial Engineer and certified internal auditor of quality management systems and she has gained a wide range of experience, being involved in various external and internal audits and certification process in Venezuela and Germany. Furthermore, she has gained extensive experience in data analysis, management reporting, and production control in the metalworking industry. At NSS, Eudys takes care of operations, administration, controlling, human resources and standardisation.


Systems Engineering


Nantwin is a master’s candidate for aerospace engineering at the University of Aachen. He performed his bachelor thesis at ArianeGroup in Lampoldshausen on the topic of water propulsion for spacecraft and is involved in the AMS-100 magnetic spectrometer project in Aachen which will use superconductors for space applications. Nantwin has been involved with NSS since November 2019, where he first supported the team with translation and minute-taking services. Since then his role has grown to include the preparation of technical due diligence documentation and the overview of the systems engineering and disassembly of the thruster components.


Thermal Insulation Engineer


Morgan is an aerospace engineer specialising in aero propulsion. He completed his masters’ degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield. Morgan is currently employed by the UK MOD and has undertaken various roles supporting within the A400M Certification team, Future Capabilities Group and 700X Naval Air Squadron. As part of his secondment at Neutron Star Systems he is responsible for the development of the SUPREME thermal management system and managing the military exploitation of SUPREME technology.

Operations Analyst


Iulia is a recent graduate of Financial Management and as an operations analyst, she is responsible for developing and implementing changes and new procedures, and develops new processes and workflows to enhance operations.


Electromagnetics Engineer


Joel is an astronautics and space engineer and electromagnetic expert, working primarily on the simulation and design of the superconducting coils and the maximisation of the thruster acceleration mechanisms.


Systems Engineer


Jaime is an aerospace engineer, currently in his final year of his master’s studies at the University of Cranfield.  Jaime is supporting NSS on several engineering activities, such as the development of the PPU and the applied-field module, as well as on the execution of our main research projects with ESA and the European Union.